Founded in 2000, TEMKA operates in the occupational health and safety sector with its wide production and marketing network. Considering that it always works for human life, TEMKA does not compromise on quality in its 20 years of industry experience. It meets both domestic and international demands with its corporate infrastructure, high-level product quality and economic pricing policy.

Established in the same year TEO MASK, closes the lack of domestic production in the sector with CE certified masks produced in accordance with the current EN 149+A1 standarts and (EU) 2016/415 PPE, Annex V regulations, and offers its products for every need at reasonable prices and high quality.

TEO MASK, which has become a preference in the sector with its wide range of models such as Folding Type, Conical Type, C Type, Active Carbon Type, Flex Type and Surgical Type, is expanding its machine park day by day. With all the experience it has gained, it becomes a voice in the world and meets the needs on a global scale with its exports to 27 countries in total.

It is our first mission that our people can work safely and therefore they, their families and their environment can live in health all over the world. Committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers, we spend most of our time developing, testing and evaluating our products to make sure we meet our goals.

Honesty and justice have been the foundation of TEMKA since its establishment. Our commitment to honesty and justice has become stronger in our company, which has always been growing, developing and changing for 20 years. These principles, which we see as the core value of our company, are one of the main reasons for our ongoing prosperity.

TEMKA's values are the foundation of our company culture. Over the past 20 years, we have never forgotten who we were and who we worked for: our customers. Their satisfaction and safety is our only goal.

We are honored to expand our experienced staff to meet the rapidly increasing domestic and international export demands and to always realize the highest quality production with the latest technology equipment.