It is not used against volatile aerosols.It is not used in explosive areas.
Masks with expired shelf life are not used.
Masks with increased breathing resistance are not used.
Damaged / repaired masks are not used.

In order for the mask to fit well with the user, the user should not have a beard, a mustache, and no scar on the face and head. In such cases, the mask is not suitable for use as it will leak.

It is a legal obligation for a product to be sold in the European Union market to bear the CE Mark if it falls within the scope of one or more of the European Union Directives. The "CE" Brand was named after the initials of the words "Conformité Européene", which means "Conformity to Europe" in French. This regulation obliges the manufacturers to use the CE mark on the products, on their packaging and on all kinds of documents about the product.

This standard covers the minimum specifications of filtered half masks from respiratory protective devices used for protection against particles in situations that cannot be removed from the environment. For detailed information, you can visit the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
TSE website

It is the test of whether the mask is still usable after 8 hours of operation.

  • FFP; It means a disposable and maintenance-free mask containing a breathing filter.

It has classified its filtration performance as defined in EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standards according to the European Union Personal Protective Equipment directive.
FFP1 Provides 80% protection against water and oil-based harmless dust and moisture.
FFP2 Provides 94% protection against water and oil-based harmless dust and moisture and smoke.
FFP3 Water and oil-based harmless dust and moisture and smoke, some viruses, micro-biological environments and the pharmaceutical industry provide 99% protection

  • The masks are for single use only. However, the service life may be reduced depending on the characteristics of the working environment and humidity. For your safety, it is recommended to replace it with a new one if breathing resistance increases.